Word of mouth continues to drive more commerce than any other source...
...Social media allows smart businesses to harness that power.

What We Do

ability to drive demand with
ability to execute, Excelerate Media puts you in a position to dominate your marketplace.

Design Strategy

Our creative team begins by designing strategic initiatives and concepts to custom fit the client's brand and style.


Our implementation team takes the concepts through our proven processes to ensure quality output at every stage.


Our executive team challenges each project to ensure our work is in line with our client's short and long-term goals.

Our Services

Social Media is our primary business with other digital marketing services complementing the social core.

Social Media

  • Audience Acquisition: Paid and Organic
  • Branded Content Design and Creation
  • Complete Strategy Creation and Layout
  • Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Daily Community Management
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Custom Social Media Campaigns
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Platforms Include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more.

Ancillary Services

  • Social Advertising and Lead Generation
  • Social Data Insight, Tracking, and Measurement
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Custom Content Creation and Deployment
  • Digital PR

Our Process

The Excelerate Process begins with creativity and ends with our clients' financial success.
Your business is unique, and our job is to tell your audience why. Your designated Excelerate Media team will do a thorough assessment of your brand, industry, and target demographics to build the most effective go-forward strategy.
Based on your business goals, our team members will collaborate on crafting a comprehensive strategy to target and draw in fans, create a community of brand advocates, and maximize your businesses potential online. Everything from your advertising to analytics is designed to optimize your brand's digital presence.
Your business has a story, and we are here to tell it. Your Excelerate Media team will put the pieces of your social media marketing puzzle together to highlight your brand and motivate your audience. Our team will create branded content, compelling advertising campaigns, and an ongoing strategy for optimal success.
Social media is about building relationships and using your social profilesas a jumping off point to start conversations. Our team will monitor your profiles and help foster conversations centered on your brand.
At Excelerate Media, our background is built in numbers. We go beyond the surface to see exactly how your social media is performing based on advanced analytics analysis, testing and benchmarks. We measure our success on your outlined business goals and walk you through exactly what those numbers mean.
Optimize, Execute, Measure, Repeat...
Social media is constantly changing, and Excelerate Media is changing with it. We are constantly monitoring industry standards and refining best practices based on your audience and analytics. We listen to your feedback, your audience, and our numbers to refine your social media campaigns and consistently grow your presence and influence.

Who We Are

Our team is a group of diverse individuals that come together for one common goal: client success.

Executive Leadership

Eugene Tuzkov

Senior Partner
Graduating in 2007 with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Eugene quickly made a career for himself designing and building state-of-the-art aerospace systems around the world. In 2011, realizing the unlimited and untapped potential of social media, Eugene decided to combine his tech-mindset and engineering expertise and to expand into digital marketing. Excelerate Media was born.

Tom Hall

Senior Partner
After spending 13 years running a multi-million dollar Sales and Marketing organization with over 70 employees under him, Tom finished his MBA in 2013 and took the next step in his career to help run Excelerate Media, this time, outside of Corporate America.

Chris Isom

Upon completion of his Bachelor's degree, Chris has been driven to create something amazing. Unfulfilled working the traditional for other companies, his entrepreneurial spirit has pushed him to take the risks necessary to build a great company.

Ryan Murphy

After spending 9 years in the areas of mechanics and aerospace, Ryan realized how his technical skills could apply to the back-end execution necessary to run a technology firm. Ryan spent time adapting and sharpening his skills and now brings his extensive knowledge to Excelerate Media, as he diligently executes complex strategies on behalf of clients.

Erin Richards-Kunkel

Social Media Director
Erin graduated with a Masters in Journalism from USC in 2011 and quickly transitioned into the social media space, crafting compelling digital strategies and multimedia storytelling for both emerging and established brands. Erin has worked as a social and digital manager with celebrity and entertainment clients, editorial websites and designer fashion brands to create cohesive digital marketing strategies.

Contact Us

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