7 Tips to Engage Your Instagram Audience

7 Tips to Engage Your Audience On Instagram

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It’s no secret “the visual web” is taking over the internet and this shift is clearest on social media.

The rise of visual-centric channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and the prevalence of visual content on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have signaled to smart marketers that the way to capture your audience’s attention is through aesthetics.

Instagram, one of the cornerstones of the visual web has just hit major milestones of 200 million active users and 20 billion uploaded photos. For brands looking to reach new audiences, Instagram can help connect with mobile-only users and explore a more dynamically visual foundation.

Here are 7 tips for businesses to engage audiences on Instagram:

1. Post Great Content

Posting great content may seem self-explanatory, but what does that mean for your business? It means that if you can’t tell your message in a way that is visually appealing, it doesn’t belong on Instagram. Users flock to Instagram to see great photos, plain and simple. Instead of selling, try using Instagram to highlight the personality, creativity, behind-the-scenes and inspirational foundations of your brand.

2. Use Relevant Tags

Using key hashtags on Instagram is a great way for people to discover your content and your profile. Research what tags similar profiles are using in your industry and choose the best ones related to your content. There are plenty of articles and tools that will help you find the most popular hashtags, but choose wisely, Instagram limits your posts to only include 30 tags.

3. Engage with Your Audience and Community

None one likes talking to a wall. Engage with your audience and community on Instagram. Get out there and follow influential users, like their posts, leave some comments and consider regramming (Instagram equivalent of a Retweet) a great post and tagging the original poster. Chances are, if you are active in my community, I will want to check out yours.

4. Host a Contest or Promotion

If you want to build buzz around your Instagram channel, consider hosting a contest, giveaway or promotion. Depending on the size of the promotion, you can invite your audience and potential audience to like, comment, regram your image or submit their own Instagram photo or video with a specific tag. Think of ways to get your audience engaged and involved through relevant, timely and fun ways to participate in a promotion.

5. Cross Promote IG Content

Make sure your Instagram account has plenty of unique content and a definite voice, but don’t keep your channel insular. Inject some of your Instagram content onto your other visual platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more. Tease content, promotions, and other unique content to drive fans to explore your brand in a different light.

6. Use Video

Instagram’s video feature is underused by brands (only 4% of top brand posts are video) and can help your brand stand out on the platform. Debut new products, create employee spotlights or showcase company culture and behind-the-scenes moments with short simple videos that can either be their own campaigns or a teaser for larger products.

7. Track your Success with Analytics

Don’t leave your Instagram strategy to a “seat of your pants” approach. Plan out your posts and set goals that you can track. Use 3rd party tools like Nitrogram, Locowise, Statigram and more to see what content your audience engages with as well as key posting times, influential users, follower growth and more.

Give your community a different side of your company though personable, engaging and visual content. Use Instagram as platform to bridge the gap of selling and being social.

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About Erin Richards-Kunkel

Erin graduated with a Masters in Journalism from USC in 2011 and quickly transitioned into the social media space, crafting compelling digital strategies and multimedia storytelling for both emerging and established brands. Erin has worked as a social and digital manager with celebrity and entertainment clients, editorial websites and designer fashion brands to create cohesive digital marketing strategies.

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