Generate More Sales with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

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Recently Facebook announced the release of dynamic product ads, and it could be a game-changer for eCommerce businesses selling multiple products online.

What Is It:

These new Facebook ad variants allow companies to advertise any product in an online store dynamically, by auto-populating the advertising space with the right product imagery and ad copy that will appeal to the right customers based on relevancy and their browsing history.

How It Works:

A special code pixel is generated for your entire store catalogue, and when inserted on your site it will track when website visitors are viewing specific products, adding to cart, completing the purchase, or clicking off your site and abandoning the conversion. Each of these different user groups are then partitioned and the information is captured. Now the Dynamic Ads algorithm uses this information to trigger and deliver specific ads with relevant imagery and ad copy, to the exact users that were looking at those products previously.

The initial results are impressive:

34% increase in CTR (Click Through Rate on ads)

38% reduction in cost per customer acquisition

Timeliness and Relevance:

These ads are aligned with your online store. The algorithm is constantly updating and adapting to your business to only show ads containing products that are in stock and reflect the latest pricing. Purchase information is also automatically updated, so that your customers won’t be served with an ad for a product they have already purchased.


For businesses with large online product offering, dynamic ads are the answer to serving your customers with the exact products they are interested in. By using Facebook’s ad template, you can display unique creative for each user and product without having to manually configure dozens of different ads.

Have a multi-product eCommerce store? Want to grow revenues? Then you’ll want to be included in a custom case study that we are launching next month. We can only take on 3 participants so if you’re interested, please contact us ASAP at info@exceleratemedia.com.

About Erin Richards-Kunkel

Erin graduated with a Masters in Journalism from USC in 2011 and quickly transitioned into the social media space, crafting compelling digital strategies and multimedia storytelling for both emerging and established brands. Erin has worked as a social and digital manager with celebrity and entertainment clients, editorial websites and designer fashion brands to create cohesive digital marketing strategies.

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