9 ways to optimize your pinterest

Nine Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest

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Pinterest has become an immensely popular social media platform since its launch in 2010 and has since become an important platform for brands. Currently, there are more than 70 million active Pinterest users, 500,000 of which are brands. But with so many brands and interests on Pinterest, how can you make sure to stand out? Here are a few tips to optimize your Pinterest for maximum exposure.

1. Verify Your Website

Verify website on Pinterest


By verifying your website on Pinterest, it provides your followers with the sense that they are getting information from a trusted source. It’s hard to believe everything that you see online, and having a verified account helps users determine which accounts will be more legitimate to follow and pay attention to. Having your account verified keeps your company more credible, and it immediate impacts your search and SEO.

2. Have a Well-Placed Cover Image for Every Board

Cover photo on Pinterest

If your company has over 50 boards that you pin to on a daily basis, it is important that you have a great cover photo for each of them. Be sure that the photo is appropriate for each board and that it is relevant to what else you have pinned to the board. It’s important for your audience to know exactly what will be in each board upon looking at its title and cover photo – don’t lead them astray.

3. Make Sure That Your Content Leads to Your Blog or Website

All of your own content, that you either pin to Pinterest or upload yourself, should lead to the original source including your website or blog. If you are uploading images for blog posts, make sure to edit the source URL to lead to the original article. Always make sure the links work, however; nothing is more annoying on Pinterest than when links don’t lead to anything. It’s especially important for your links to work so you will look maintain your company’s credibility.

4. Fill Out All Profile Information

Your company’s profile is a great place to express who you are and what you do. It’s important that people will immediately understand what your company does upon reading your bio and viewing your profile picture. Nothing is more misleading than a profile without any explanation as to who you are or what you do. With an interesting profile, people will be more inclined to see exactly what you do.

5. Create Specific Boards

This idea is one of the more important points that must be addressed. No one want to go to a Pinterest board and see food, clothing, quotes, and work-out tips all in one board! The beautiful thing about Pinterest is how organized you can keep yourself and your brand through a variety of boards and ideas. Let’s take this example: If you are a company that produces gluten free food products, you might want to have a wide variety of boards – one that includes what you’ve created; another that illustrates different gluten free recipes; one board that might have photos of gluten free recipes you’ve found on Pinterest that you want to showcase; even a board including fitness tips might prove to be beneficial. The more specificity you have within your boards will keep people more interested in what you are providing them.

6. Make Your Photos on Your Website “Pinnable”

When people are browsing on your website and they  come across a picture or an idea that they find interesting, make your content “pinnable” to encourage them to add it to their boards. Provide ways for your audience members to immediately come back to your website with multiple ways to do so, rather than just having to go back to your website again. In the long run, this will work in your favor, as well – if your audience consistently pins products from your website, more people will be able to find you on Pinterest, and you will ultimately gain a broader audience.

7. Interact and Engage With Your Followers

Your audience needs to know they are appreciated. Make sure that if people are repining something that you have posted, like their pin and comment. Give your audience the attention that they deserve. If you find something that you want to repin onto your page, comment to the person and let them know that your company is paying attention. Start conversations, like and repin other relevant content. This brings your followers deeper into your content and your brand.

8. Know How to Promote Your Brand

It is especially important to know how to promote your brand. You have a website, a blog, and have developed active social media channels – now what? The use of key words and hashtags is growing more relevant, and it’s important that you maintain these ideas when branding yourself through Pinterest. Use specific keywords to name your boards on on the descriptions of your pins. Think about what your audience is searching for, and make sure pin descriptions are keyword rich, relevant to your audience and your brand.

9. Cross Promote Onto Your Other Platforms

If your company is using multiple social media outlets, it’s important to let your audience knows and demonstrate a reason to follow you. Promote a special board or type of pin on your Facebook or Twitter with a link to your board to see similar pins from your brand. On your website, Facebook page, and Instagram account, make sure they all lead back to your Pinterest page, and vice versa. Keep people consistently interested in what you have to offer.

As Pinterest increases in popularity, it’s important that your company stands out. The growing popularity of Pinterest has given it more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined. With these tips provided, you’ll be able to gain more of a following and reputation from your audience.



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