Social Media Roundup - March 7, 2014

Social Media Roundup – March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014 by News, Social Media No Comments
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Happy March! We’re back this week, bringing you the next update of our Social Media Roundup series. Here are the latest headlines in social media this week:

1. Facebook Adds New Feature for Newsfeed 

Facebook is updating the look of their newsfeed again; only this time, they’re going back to basics. This “updated look” will be for the desktop version of News Feed, which will come with larger images and a new font. It is meant to better match the mobile version that people already see on their smartphones. Ultimately, Facebook wants to leave your News Feed less cluttered while navigating through the site. The updates begin rolling out this month.

2. Facebook In Talks to Purchase Drones

Facebook has reportedly been in talks to buy Titan Aerospace, which manufactures drones. Their main goal is to deliver service in Africa, building up to 11,000 drones worth $60 million. Facebook wants to expand its market past North America, and they want the Internet to be available in developing countries, which is where the drones will come into play.

3. Oscar Tweet Sets Records

Last weekend, Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres proved her social media clout by tweeting live from the award show. Her infamous celebrity “selfie” tweet featuring A-listers Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and several more was the most retweeted tweet ever with more than 3.3 million retweets and even caused Twitter to crash due to the overload in traffic.

4. Spotify Buys Echo Nest

Spotify, one of the leaders of music streaming, has acquired Echo Nest, a music DNA company. Echo Nest built its company on fixing how people were discovering new music, and this is a key development that Spotify now plans to use to improve capabilities.

What headlines were you reading this week? Share your thoughts below or tweet us @ExcelerateM? Stay tuned next week to catch up on all the social media news you need to know!



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