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5 Key Questions to Ask Before Launching a Social Media Campaign

The end of 2014 is rapidly approaching and the start of a new year can mean big changes for businesses. The new year can set new goals, new business objectives and shifts in marketing strategies. The start of the new year is also a great time […]


Increase Sales with Remarketing

Remarketing (or retargeting) allows you to place relevant advertising in front of targeted users who have previously visited your website. It is becoming one of the most used and most effective advertising techniques. You can use traditional marketing and advertising to draw first-time visitors to […]

Will Instagram Overtake Twitter? Excelerate Media Blog

Will Instagram Overtake Twitter?

August 13, 2014 by Social Media No Comments

Examining the Pros and Cons for Businesses Looking around, it’s hard to miss that everyone is on his or her phone. Constantly. Are they texting? Probably. Are they emailing? Possibly. But what we do know is that they they are on social media. Americans between 18-64 spend on […]

7 Tips to Engage Your Instagram Audience

7 Tips to Engage Your Audience On Instagram

It’s no secret “the visual web” is taking over the internet and this shift is clearest on social media. The rise of visual-centric channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and the prevalence of visual content on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have signaled […]

12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page in 2014

12 Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Everyday, more businesses are making the transition to digital marketing and advertising, and using social media channels to communicate with current and future customers. Data shows that over 70% of online users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. […]